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Our mission


To create a professional, personal, unique experience, based around total care for your hair.  

Van Elkan hair prides themselves on training their team to the highest level,  keeping up on the latest trends and fashion to keep one step ahead.

Personal wellbeing is top of our agenda, healthy hair is really the way forward, and we believe that what you put into your body is reflected in the condition of your hair.

Embarking on this hairdressing journey, we're devoted to supporting clients, nurturing their hair's health and beauty with passion and care.

our journey to better hair

The start of Van Elkan hair

The Van Elkan family have been hair dressing since 1939 when Dean’s late Grandfather, Karl Van Elkan, opened a West London based salon in the 1960’s.



20+ years of styling

Dean honed his hairstyling craft for 20 years at his family salon. Working with his father, he delivered a first class service in all things hair.

The move to Surrey

Taking this inspiration, passion and technical knowledge, Dean made the move to open a Surrey based salon with a difference. Opening Van Elkan hair in Staines-upon-thames. With the support of Amanda, his wife/business manager, and Lindsey, another amazing hair stylist and colourist.



now just a trim...

Dean embarked on a journey, to create a product range experimenting from his salon kitchen.

He noticed that many of his clients were dissatisfied with the lack of hair growth. Conventional shampoos and conditioners were causing damage and breakage, he became determined to find a solution. His aim was to develop a hair product range specifically for clients whose hair struggled to grow due to dryness, leading to brittle ends.

Van Elkan hair treatments launch

Dean's distinctive oil blend, applied before shampooing, treated and shielded damaged strands. Combining it with his enriched shampoo proved transformative. His conditioner, left hair fuller, softer, and ideal for bouncy, silky, and shiny blowouts. Clients noticed the remarkable difference and loved the delightful scent of essential oils and fresh ingredients.


"Now it's just a trim..."

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