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Our products

"Unlock the secrets to stunning hair"

Revitalise hair — The easy way

Experience the essence of our brand in our hand-crafted hydrating products, thoughtfully formulated with all-natural and organic ingredients.

why Choose us

Our hair care journey

Half a decade ago,  Dean Van Elkan embarked on an extraordinary journey fueled by passion and creativity, beginning his explorations right in the heart of his bustling salon kitchen.

The benefits

Experience our natural shampoo and oil treatments, which gently cleanses without stripping or drying. Combined with our nourishing conditioner, your hair receives essential natural goodness, no coatings, just pure care.

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Keep the bottle, never run dry.

Keep your bottles and refill in-store to help save money, reduce waste, and support a greener planet, minimising landfill impact.

Care about your hair and the planet!

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